Thursday, 23 February 2017 by Stuart Packington

Not much has changed since the last update apart from the addition of a fourth pair to the investigations: Adam Zmudzinski and Cezary Balicki of Poland now stand accused of using illegal signals. In the light of significant evidence against them, the WBF disqualified them (the pair, not the team) from the Bermuda Bowl. The team was not only allowed to play on, but they were also permitted to add a third pair to their team. That team subsequently went on to win the event!

The previously accused pairs, Fisher-Schwartz and Fantoni-Nunes are both maintaining their innocence. Fisher and Schwartz were due to appear at a hearing last month, but that hearing was postponed after they submitted their written defence. The defence is said to be a 400-page document, not yet released to the public, with explanations for every action where cheating has been alleged. The committee has postponed the hearing until they have had time to process the document which will make excellent reading when (hopefully) it is eventually published.

Australian Bridge Magazine, Dec 2015